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       I remember my older brother starting to write a fiction story when I was about ten, but abandoning it fairly quickly. When I was eleven, I aspired to write a story clear to the end. Thus, came into existence Gemini - The Lost Spaceship. It was a fairly far-fetched sci-fi story about the crews of the U.S.S. Gemini and U.S.S. Falcianoto and how the latter was kidnapped by a robotic alien race and the former’s attempts to find them. It was about twenty pages long. All that exists of it is a single print-off of it enclosed in a report folder.

    After that, about a year later, I wrote another short story as a school assignment. This time, I went through a mock publishing routine, and I still have the hardcopy of my efforts to this day.

    But my writing did not stop there. That same year, I began writing my debut novel, Revolutionary Ideas. It is 80 pages in my composition book - a short novel. It will not be published, however.

    For my novel that is taking the most of my attention - I am really writing a grand total of six novels simultaneously - there is a story of toil and tears. I tried five different plots that failed after chapter one. Then came along plot six. I made it last about 60 pages, but decided that the story wasn’t quite good enough. For about three months, I abandoned Blue Sword, as the book series (and the first book) is called. Finally, over the summer in Flagstaff, Arizona, came the inspiration necessary for me to write Bluesword. I began writing the seventh plot of this story, and it finally stuck. (To see a plot on the series, check out the “books -Bluesword” page.)


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